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Chinese Food Products Including Toffees, Chocolates and Chewing Gum banned in Pakistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Halal Food Authority has banned the sale of Chinese eatable items. Any item which contains the label in the Chinese language is banned as it contains haram substances.

Market survey and laboratory analysis was done on Chinese items. After which the food authority banned it. The Chinese eatables banned include imported Chinese chocolates, jellies, chewing gum, toffees etc.

The food authority stated that Chinese items are banned unless they have a Halal Certification. As per the food authority’s technical department, there is no Halal procedure of butchering of animals as per teachings of Islam in China. Thus all these Chinese products are Haram.

Furthermore, the Food Authority clearly stated that any eatable item having an ingredient list in some other language other than Urdu and English is not allowed and those who sell any such item will be held accountable. In short, items carrying such ingredients are immediately banned.

The authority also banned the ingredients having wine or wine-derived ingredients. Furthermore, any edible product having insects or their derivatives in the ingredients will not be allowed in the market.

Previously Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) gave the verdict against the sale, import, and export of the “Chinese Salt” also known as the Monosodium Glutamate and popularly known as the Ajinomoto—throughout the country. The Supreme Court banned the salt by declaring it “Hazardous for Health”. Monosodium glutamate is a dangerous chemical which causes hypertension and blood pressure issues to those who consume it. Moreover, the salt is extremely harmful to the pregnant ladies as well.

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