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Chinese Firm Offers 2000 Electric Buses for Karachi

Transport issue in Karachi has worsened over the years, so much so that the city was ranked as the worst place to drive. Now in the last couple of month announcement was made of Yellow Line Bus Rapid Transit then people’s bus service and finally a Chinese firm has also offered 2000 electric buses for Karachi. All these steps, offers are to help Karachi in resolving its transportation problem.

The Chinese company is offering 2,000 electric buses for Karachi under $600 million projects. Karachi’s mayor said that the City of Lights has pathetic public transport system. If this project is finalized it can really help improve transport issue of the city.

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Thomas Wang led a six-member delegation and discussed this issue with Mayor of Karachi while offering his help. He said that that two new electric buses can be gifted to the city within next two months. It will be noted whether these buses are playing a productive role in solving the transport issues of Karachi.

Karachi’s mayor also informed that the Chinese company has given many options to them. These include working in a joint venture together, selling the buses to Karachi or Chinese firm operating buses themselves. So every option is open to Waseem Akhtar and other Karachi officials, now they need to decide the best possible option for the general public.

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Furthermore, it is known that 500 stations will be constructed for the buses, buses will recharge on the station and after recharge, they can cover an almost 280-kilometer distance.

One question asked by the people is that how will Karachi administration accept the offer directly, in violation of public procurement rules? If the deal comes under the government to government agreement only than it can be further looked in to. Also, another question asked is how buses will be recharged while there are extreme load shedding issues in the city.

After these issues are looked in to, the offer by the Chinese firm is attractive and Karachi officials should take it seriously. Electric buses can also cater the pollution problem as they are safe and eco-friendly. In order to move forward, Pakistan needs to adopt technologically advanced methods, renewable sources, and electric system instead of being stuck with pollution oriented systems.