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Chinese Firm Fails to Keep Karachi Clean Contract

Karachi clean contract

On Tuesday a Chinese firm which won the contract from the Sindh government regarding the maintenance of cleanliness within the city was given a notice for failing to fulfill its responsibility by the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board—SSWMB.

In the issued notice, it was mentioned by SSWMB that the Chinese firm failed to eradicate the garbage from the West districts and Malir area of the city.

The notice further stated that the company was previously given various notices and now the contract with the Chinese contractor would be annulled.

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It further said that the performance of the contractor remained a disappointment from the start. Collecting garbage form the doorsteps was a significant component of the agreement however the company failed in it. The contractor was also not able to keep the streets, roads, footpaths, and neighborhoods clean neither it took measures for spreading public awareness on the issue.

In the notice, it was further stated that the firm failed to provide sufficient dustbins, machinery, and equipment which resulted in the accumulation of huge piles of garbage.

It is important to mention that the Sindh Chief Secretary had previously given orders for canceling the agreement of a Chinese firm responsible for the cleaning and lifting of garbage in one of the 6 districts of the city for its poor performance.

It was also suggested that at least four thousand dustbins should be placed on the different locations of the city within a span of 3 days.

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