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Chinese IT Firm Creating Obstacles In CPEC—Making DTMB controversial


According to Chairman Pakistan-China Brothers Society, Sharif Hussain “Chinese IT Firm is creating hurdles in the way of CPEC, the project Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB) is being malign by their involvement which would affect the overall CPEC project.”


Mr. Sharif while speaking in a PR said that pointed out Chinese IT firm, though he did not mention the name of Chinese firm but confidently said that they are sabotaging the CPEC project and making DTMB project controversial.

He said, this clearly have an indication of damaging Pakistan-China relationships and especially the DPEC project as a whole.

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It is still not clear what Mr. Sharif was exactly trying to convey and to what extent Chinese IT firm is involved in the DTMB project and what they are inferring and how Pakistan’s interests are being affected with their involvement.

But we can decipher with this press conference that something fishy is going on in the backyard, authorities should take a serious notice on this statement and bring this matter to the light. Pakistan-China Brothers Society is working in the favor of Pakistan and China friendly relationships and business provision which cannot be undermined.

Mr. Sharif vociferously warned Chinese IT firm to change their behavior and stay away from their agenda which is clearly to damage the reputation of CPEC and cooperation between two countries.

Our society will launch massive protest against the company and legal action in the courts, calling upon the courts to cancel the company’s license to work in Pakistan if the company keeps creating hurdles in CPEC project, said Mr. Sharif