Chinese FAW V2 2017 Cars could be an utter failure in Pakistan

The Chinese FAW V2 2017 is in production in Pakistan since 2014 by Al-Haj FAW Motors. The car is Pakistan assembled and have a great first look. The 1st generation FAW V2 2017 is front wheel drive and front engine car.

But the car may not be able to gain much popularity in Pakistan due to many reasons, the most common reasons for that are fairly competitive price, adulterated parts, and interior, fuel economy and the resale value.


FAW V2 2017 is priced at Rs. 10.7 lac in Pakistan which is a very competitive price for even large auto makers like Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda, and others. Some Japan assembled cars are available in that price range in Pakistan.

Even if we consider the price to quality ratio the car doesn’t fulfill the criteria, people need value for money which cannot be achieved buying the car. However, you are not able to get a brand new car with the specifications FAW V2 has.


According to Pakwheels the most popular car portal in Pakistan, the car’s interior is poorly built and adulterated, the material used in the interior doesn’t match the price also do not reflect the quality. However, the interior is quite spacious in the hatchback but the feel, material and look are not what people want after spending more than a million. But some reviews of the car are in favor, saying the car competes well with Suzuki Swift in terms of interior.


The car has poor fuel performance as well, Pakwheels have noticed the better fuel performance in the cars with similar specifications. The car no doubt has remarkable engine specifications with 1.3 liters DOHC 16-Valve engine, 5-speed manual transmission gears but it takes more fuel than its competitors like; Wagon R, Cultus, Vitz, Yaris, and Swift. The competitors are not only fuel efficient but also reliable in the long run which FAW may not be able to offer.

The Competition 

The Chinese car may not get much popularity in Pakistan due to its resale value as well, resale value mainly depends on the popularity, how many people own and wish to own the car, how many people wish to buy and resell the car. Secondly, Japanese cars are the most favorite in Pakistan, it is very tough competition for FAW V2 to survive, sustain and grow in Pakistani market.

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12 thoughts on “Chinese FAW V2 2017 Cars could be an utter failure in Pakistan

  1. Unbalanced review with some incorrect information.

    First of all V2’s was imported from 2014 to mid 2017, local assembly has only just begun. Secondly, the review fails to mention that V2 is a zero meter car with safety features like airbags the only other brand new local car in the same category with comparable features in the New Cultus VXL which costs 14 lakhs +. Sure u have used JDMs but they are “USED” and not “NEW”.

    Please be fair, let something new in Pakistan succeed.

  2. Yes Ehs you are right, there should be new cars in the market, but the points raised in the article are worth noting, no one entirely believes someone’s opinion but it raises questions and allow users to look at the other factors as well

  3. I guess the car is ok & I just want to mention that today you cannot buy those imported Japanese cars in 10 lakh. Not even 660cc I guess.

  4. Nice to read Article about FAW V2, I am a V2 owner and as per my Experience V2 is a very good car in its price tag. Interior is very nicely made and there is no feel of inferior quality, in fact interior trim is very tough material and robust, there is no feel of Cheap Chinese Product. I have personally checked, New Cultus Trim is very thin and breakable whereas FAW V2 has a very strong trim material.
    There are no Quality issues I have faced so far in my V2 except a leaking Plastic Wash fluid tank which was claimed in Warranty free of cost. This car comes in three years warranty that means total product support at the authorized dealership and free of cost, what else you can expect from a Chinese product.
    The car is locally assembled that means each and every part is available Locally and prices are also very competitive
    Fuel average wise this is not a bad car either, I am getting 11KM in high traffic area with AC, 13KM in city area and 16Km on long journey with AC, and I think thats a pretty good fuel average, its much better than Suzuki Swift which is much high priced than FAW V2.
    The car comes with ABS brakes and International standard SRS Airbags which is a great safety feature in this car.
    This car is good with respect to Price to quality ratio as well as Price to Features Ratio, and up till now this Car best justifies its price and features as compared to its competitors.. Anyways thanks for writing an Article on our Vehicle of Choice…..

    1. brother please tell me about its average in city with ac i am confused between wagon r vxl or FAW v2 can you help me in taking some decision iss ki market value kaam hai wagon r vxl ke muqablee main

  5. I have also V2. Astonish to read the comparison with reuse Japanese cars.
    No statistical analysis of price. Have any new new & new 😀 Japanese cars available in 1.069m?
    Have safety features like SRS air bags with crash beams in side doors and ABS+EBS in this price???
    I personally noted the average on highway 16.70KMPL. V2 has strong body & good interior.

  6. Such a ridiculously written article. I am sure the writer have never driven or even sat in a V2. He is even quoting Pakwheels wrongly.

    Pity on the writer with extreme lack of information and knowledge about Automotive sector of Pakistan.

    Seems like a desperately paid article.

    Comment would surely justify my judgement about the article and the writer as well

  7. I am surprised to read the author’s point of view. Either he didn’t get a chance to use the car or someone has paid him to write against V2.
    I have owned and driven both FAW V2 and Suzuki cars. All of above described points are misleading the reader.
    1. Price of V2 is around 3 lac less than comparitive new 1300cc cars (Swift). Even 1000cc cultus and wagon r (with own) r much costly than V2. 660cc second hand, accidented JDMs are even costly than V2.
    2. Interior: I would request author to spare some time and lets do a simple test. Lets compare V2, new cultus and wagon r’s interior quality by pressing the interior door covers. You will be surprised to see the difference between solid interior of V2 and poor quality of Suzuki. Secondly V2’s window controls and glass holder panel is unique and more attractive than usual models. Dashboard is similar to Vitz that no one ever disliked!
    3. Fuel Economy: V2 with AC on, gives 12-14 km per litre average in city. What else do you expect from a 1300cc car ? If u insist on comparing it with 660cc JDMs then better buy a 70cc bike that will give u even better fuel average!

  8. I have a FAW V2 since November, 2020 being a latest edition with proper indicator lever on right side and wiper on left side of steering wheel. The fuel economy is amazingly good I am getting 16-17 km/l in semi urban area of Lahore. In full tank to quarter tank I drive 455 km easily keeping in mind the tank is 37 liters. The engine is very powerful. The initial 1000 km were very taxing as gears had to be settled down. I was careful to put genuine gear oil 80-90 SAE but GL-4. A lot of people put GL-5 which is totally wrong for that is meant for heavy truck differentials and not gears. The engine oil I put 5-30 SAE as engine is brand new and now it runs like a dream. Everything is so fine Mashallah, I will rate it better than JDMs.
    The front defogger is amazing. Turn it to defog position, the AC kicks in and lo and behold the front screen is clear. The rear seats are comfortable with headrests which JDM and local WagonR and Alto do not have. Spare full tire is there.
    Air bags are two, I wish FAW made AT gears for it would beat JDMs by a mile
    A very good bargain please go for it at Rs.16,09,000/- no own money

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