Chinese Engineers Deported from Pakistan After Fighting with the Police Officials

The Chinese engineers who got into a fight with the police of Khanewal have been deported from Pakistan on Tuesday as per the reports.

A group of five Chinese engineers were working on the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) got into a physical dispute with the area police official in the region of Khanewal.

Once the investigation was done and the report was submitted by Bilal Ahmed Butt—Multan’s commissioner, the Interior Minister—Ahsan Iqbal took the decision of deporting the Chinese engineers who were transported to the provincial capital of Punjab—Lahore in special cars and then via special planes to take them back.

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Previously, the incident occurred in Kabirwala tehsil of Khanewal where the engineers from China were working on the M4 motorway got into a dispute with the police on the 4th of April, the fight extended and reached into a physical fight.

As per the police officials, the Chinese citizens attempted to leave their camps without any security. For their safety, the police officials tried to halt them, which displeased the Chinese engineers and led to a fight.

The Chinese engineers smashed out at the security officers and Danny—the project engineer threw a chair at the team in charge. At this point, another Chinese national climbed on top of the police mobile. Moreover, the Chinese citizens cut off the electricity supply to the police camp.

The area police tried to take control of the situation by locking the Chinese citizens in their camps.

After the news of the dispute reached to the Assistant Commissioner of Kabirwala and the Deputy Superintendent of Police, they reached the site of the incident and tried to solve the matter via talks. The Chinese nationals denied any negotiations.

The foreign engineers are working in Multan and Faisalabad on the motorway project.

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