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Chinese Embassy Withholds Visa of 90 Pakistani Brides

The visas have been withheld of 90 Pakistani brides following the reports of human trafficking by the Chinese Embassy. Visas were requested by almost 140 Chinese nationals to the embassy in 2019.

There was a rise in the number of transnational marriages this year. This led the embassy officials to investigate the matter. Pakistani officials have been approached in this regard.

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Deputy Chief of Mission Chinese Embassy, Lijian Zhao has refuted the reports regarding the reports of Pakistani women being trafficked for prostitutions and organ trafficking. Zhao said that the information disseminated in media reports is fabricated. He said that there is no evidence to verify the claim made by Pakistani authorities and media.

Ministry of Public Security of China sent a task force to Pakistan for law enforcement cooperation with Pakistani side. The task force investigations revealed that no evidence was seen regarding forced prostitution

Also Zhao denied the claim that the forced prostitution or organs sales is being done. He said that the Chinese nationals that applied for visas of their Pakistani brides underwent all the necessary legal formalities before applying.

He said that very few complaints have been registered regarding Pakistani women being tortured by their husbands and those complaints were registered.

It is pertinent to mention here that a Judicial Magistrate sent 11 Chinese nationals on 14-days judicial remand.

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  1. So, the miracles started happening soon the culprits are arrested.
    Soon the law councils are available to get relief for the criminals.
    Now the victims families would be bargained and threatened with consequences if not with drawing the proceedings so the cases would be weak and the culprits would have the facility of bails and then released respectfully?
    This is the test case for the FIA that whether the smugglers of human are punished or released?

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