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Chinese Embassy Announces Relaxation to Pakistani Visa Applicants

Chinese Embassy has announced that it will facilitate Pakistani visa applicants and provide maximum relaxation to them. Those Pakistanis seeking Chinese visa will be helped by Chinese Embassy. In order to ease the procedure for visa applicants, Chinese embassy has hired two female Pakistani workers who can speak in Urdu with the applicants.

Director of the Consular Section Yang Lianchun confirmed that Pakistani employees are hired so that they can take responsibility for dealing with the Pakistani clients. He said,  “All of our consular officers speak English only. When we have interviews with Urdu-speaking applicants who visit China for the first time, we will sometimes reject them as we can’t make sure of their visit purposes due to language barriers. However, Pakistani employees can not only help lessen the applicants’ emotional anxiety but solve the problem easily.”

For the F (noncommercial visitors) M (commercial visitors) visa applicants the new policy has been implemented since April 1st. As per the new rules those applicants who have visited China for more than three times since January 2016, who are employed for firms registered in local Chambers or who have passport having marks of a government officer or government employee are released from submission of barcode invitation letters. These letters are basically issued by the local Chinese governments or big companies thus are not easily obtainable.

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As per statistics from April 1 to June 15 the Chinese visa issuance volume increased by 11% compared to same period last year. Under the instructions of Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing Chinese embassy has decided to hire more Pakistani staff.

Ambassador wants to ease communication, and travel between the two countries thus Chinese embassy has decided to facilitate Pakistani visa applicants.