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Chinese Doctors to Perform Free 500 Eye Surgeries in Karachi

The Pakistan Medical Association this Wednesday announced that a Chinese company of ophthalmologists would be performing five hundred eye-related surgeries at a charity healthcare facility in Karachi in the beginning of next year that is January.

Dr. Qaiser Sajjad—PMA Secretary General while talking at a press conference in Karachi at PMA House said that it is indeed a happy news relating the ‘bright journey of Pakistan’. Under the project, five hundred eye surgeries would be done by the Chinese ophthalmologists at the Pakistan Eye Bank Society (PEBS)Hospital in the area of North Karachi. PEBS Hospital is a healthcare facility. The surgeries would be performed within the span of 10th to 24th January.

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This project is supporting the Pak-China collaboration for strengthening the medical corridor between the two countries, Dr. Sajjad further added.

It was informed to the media that a Chinese delegate of the International Health Exchange Cooperation-China(IHECC) would soon be visiting Pakistan to finalize the project arrangements.

Dr. Shoukat Malik—President, PMA-Karachi said that this activity is being done to promote the goodwill relations between the two countries.

The Chinese delegation comprises of four members and is headed by Hu Meiqi—Deputy Director-IHECC. A memorandum of understanding is also signed between PMA and IHECC as per which China would be bearing all the expenses incurred in providing the eye surgeries. This would be a goodwill gesture from China to the underprivileged needy patients of Pakistan.

Director PEBS and PMA’s Treasurer—Dr. Qazi Wasiq, informed that the Chinese team had already visited the hospital to analyze the situation and facilities available. The team has also discussed the protocols and the ideal operating system for the planned eye camp.

Dr. Wasiq also added that he hopes that such kind of activities would also be happening in other fields of medicine in future throughout Pakistan.

Hu Meiqi on the planned activity said it would be a great chance for the ophthalmology field related personnel of the two countries to share knowledge and skills.

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