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Chinese Automaker JAC Motor to launch electric vehicles in Pakistan

JAC Motor is a Chinese state-owned car manufacturer based in Anhui province China, David Zhang, the Deputy Chief Economic Manager said that the company is planning to launch electric vehicles in Pakistani Market.

He told APP, “We are looking forward to introducing new vehicles particularly focusing on electric vehicles in Pakistan as part of our long-term development programme.”

While talking to media he expressed confidence in Pakistan’s economic situation currently and its future implications, commenting on Pakistan’s economic condition he said, the country’s economy is now gearing up, there is a significant growth in many sectors and development of infrastructure.

The company is mulling and targeting to expand the company’s production line in Pakistan—he added. This means the JAC cars could be made in Pakistan in the future if the company sets it up successfully.

The Chief said Pakistan is a growing market and the costs of electric vehicles are going down as well, the low-cost electric cars would be economically viable for the middle class, “As Pakistan’s economy improves further we will take our cars into the market.” He added.

The JAC Motors in Partnership with Ghandhara Nissan already exporting light commercial vehicles and mini-trucks in Pakistan. David informed that the company is already in the market somehow, it will start producing the trucks locally in the future.

“We have measured the performance of our products in the market which is quite good, it also provides us a data on which product lines we have to expand, we are likely to expand in medium to heavy trucks category, he added.

Both countries like China and Pakistan have good friendly relations, businessmen from both countries have a good potential to work together. Chinese investors can also leverage the potential and incentives by the government of Pakistan under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—he added.

Commenting of JAC Motors exports he said, the company started selling its products outside China in 1990 to Bolivia, now the company is exporting its products to over 100 countries, the most popular product category is the light trucks. Some of the JAC Motors products are knock-down kits which are assembled at overseas factories in the countries like Mexico, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Iran.