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China’s Largest Investment Bank ‘CLSA’ Keen to Enter Pakistan’s Banking Sector

Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA) is interested to enter Pakistan’s banking sector. CLSA is the leading investment bank in China and it finds huge investment opportunities in Pakistan.

CLSA’s Chairman Zhenyi Tang attended a meeting with Federal Minister for Privatization, Daniyal Aziz. In the meeting, Tang discussed how Pakistan and China have quite close relations especially after China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He said that Pakistan is a much-preferred country in terms of expansion, in comparison to the USA. Mr. Tang further added that CLSA can provide opportunities to investors locally.

Aziz complimented CLSA Chairman for showing a keen interest in Pakistan market. He informed the attendees of the meeting of the amazing opportunities present in Pakistan in many different sectors, be it communication, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, finance, banking, etc.

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He said that Pakistan economy is developing rapidly. Through CPEC and other mega projects, various sectors have shown their interest to enter in Pakistan market.

Aziz informed that almost 14 entities are considered for privatization and CLSA can work with them and discover investment opportunities.

It is a healthy sign for Pakistan that foreign firm and companies from different markets are interested to work in Pakistan, be it the auto industry or now the bank sector.

About CLSA

CLSA is a Chinese investment bank with its main focus on institutional brokerage, corporate finance and asset management for private and institutional customers around the globe.

CLSA was voted the top bank in Research and Sales in Asia, Japan, and Australia by Global Institutional Investors.

CLSA CEO, Jonathan Slone said, “We have built to amortize the research capabilities over more business lines. Five years ago, we were really a single-business company, a monoculture of cash equity brokerage with a small investment bank attached to that. Now we have a fully integrated business that allows us to amortize those research relationships by selling more products.”