China’s Largest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer is Entering Pakistani Market

An agreement has been signed between Rahmat Group and the BYD, the Chinese’s largest electric vehicle manufacturing company. The aim of the agreement is to assemble electric vehicles in Pakistan.

As the world is witnessing a change in vehicle industry with the production of electric vehicles, investors in Pakistan are also interested to bring electric vehicle technology in Pakistan. Thus Rahmat Group is collaborating with BYD to assemble & to an extent produce electric vehicles in the country.

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BYD will not just assemble cars but also assemble vans, coaches, busses along with batteries& chargers and other products related to technology. It is a huge breakthrough in the auto sector of Pakistan.

The benefits of Electric Vehicles was shared with Pakistan PM Imran Khan via a letter. This was revealed by the CEO of Rahmat Group Shaukat Qureshi.

In the letter it is said that the public would be able to save money by producing, and using electrical vehicles. Every month motorcyclists would be able to save almost Rs. 4,000 while car owners would be able to save around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Electric vehicles don’t need fuel to run and has zero cost maintenance. This would be able to save Rs. 300,000 to 500,000 every month in busses and coaches. It will also be beneficial for the environment and control air pollution.

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