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China Working with Pakistan Against Illegal Matchmaking Centres

illegal matchmaking centres

China is giving full support and is cooperating fully with the Pakistani law enforcement agencies for cracking down against the illegal matchmaking centers, as per the Embassy of China in Islamabad on Saturday.

The embassy was apparently responding to the reports that many unlawful matchmaking centers in Pakistan are as per the reports brokering marriages between Pakistani and Chinese citizens.

As per the embassy statement, they have noticed that in the latest updates some illegal matchmaking centers have made unlawful profits from brokering cross-national marriages.

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The statement further read that both the Chinese and the Pakistani youths are the victims of these unlawful agents. The Chinese laws and regulations strictly bar the cross-national matchmaking centers.


The statement also mentioned that no individual is permitted to get involved in any form of such kind of activity neither by deception nor by profit.

The embassy has also given advice to both the Pakistani and Chinese people to remain fully aware and active in this matter and not be cheated.

Well, truly this is an undeniable fact that ever since the inauguration of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project there have been a surge in the marriages between Pakistani and Chinese nationals.

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