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China will Invest in Pakistan’s Aviation Sector – Develop new Airports & Facilities

China will invest in the aviation sector of Pakistan for improving the Pakistan International Airlines and aviation industry of the country. Pakistan and China have agreed to expand their mutual trade relations and work together in different sectors, specifically the aviation sector.

A meeting was held between Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing. Senior Aviation division members were also part of the meeting. Different issues were discussed relating to cooperation in various growing sectors of Pakistan. Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan praised the ambassador for the work done by present government in promoting the aviation industry of Pakistan.

In the meeting, it was decided to increase cooperation to build new airports and improve the air travel facilities to produce maximum output.

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Advisor to PM complimented the efforts by Chinese for the development of new Gwadar Airport project under CPEC. Technical aspects in the aviation field were also discussed specifically relating to the development of a facility for new maintenance repair overhaul. This facility will provide maintenance services for the aircraft to the Pakistani airlines. Chinese assistance was asked by the advisor to PM in the upgradation of an early warning system which can improve the weather forecasting system in Pakistan.

Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan talked about the strengthening relations between Pakistan and China, how the countries have supported each other and the development of their bond with each passing day. Much credit has to be given to CPEC for this friendship between the two nations.

Chinese Ambassador affirmed that in the aviation industry the cooperation will continue between the two countries and assured that China is ready to collaborate in different aviation projects of Pakistan to improve different sectors of PIA.