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China Welcomes Saudi Investment in CPEC Projects in Pakistan

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China has welcomed the investments intended by Saudi Arabia in Chinese-funded projects in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia recently agreed to invest in an oil refinery in Gwadar. China has welcomed these investments & contributions by Saudi Arabia in the Chinese-funded China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC project.

The project is the flagship enterprise of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of President Xi Jinping.

Lijian Zhao, the deputy chief of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad was asked whether China is upset with Saudi interference & investment in CPEC projects. He said, “Not at all.”

Then the senior Chinese diplomat cleared the air by stating that Beijing has in fact encouraged Pakistan to allow other countries to make investments in CPEC.

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China has invested almost $19 billion in 22 “early harvest” CPEC projects in Pakistan.  It has enabled Pakistan to work on different development projects, construct new roads & highways, build power plants & bring economic growth and prosperity in the region. Furthermore, it has created over 70,000 jobs for Pakistanis and we are still counting.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, “If any other party would like to contribute positive factors to promote the interconnectivity and prosperity of the region on the basis of consultation, I think this is a positive factor.”