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China Welcomes Pakistan’s Decision to Lift up the Ban from TikTok


Earlier today, China applauded Pakistan for unblocking TikTok in the country. Pakistan received assurance from the Chinese video-sharing company that it will block all those accounts which are spreading immorality and offensiveness.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Zhao Lijian, the Chinese government focuses on maintain companies operating overseas strictly enduring by international law and local rules.

He further added that these companies should also respect local practices, customs, and religion.

Zhao Lijian says that the Chinese government is very glad to see that both the countries are properly dealing with the pertinent issue through friendly solutions.

Reports stated that at the beginning of this month, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) imposed a ban on the widely used Chinese application TikTok as they were receiving complaints from several segments of the society against indecent content that was being shared on the App.

But recently, PTA decided to lift up the ban from TikTok soon after they received an assurance from the company to block all those accounts which are spreading immorality.

A spokesperson of PTA said that TikTok has agreed to moderate accounts in agreement with the local laws.

TikTok a widely used Chinese video-sharing app has become very popular in a short period of time as it encouraged many young users to post brief videos.

But on the other hand, the application has also been caught up in different controversies in different countries concerning privacy and security fears.

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