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China Unveils Huge Island Building Vessel

China has revealed a massive ship referred to as the “magic island maker”. The ship would be Asia’s largest combing vessel as per the reports of state media.

The ship is capable of making artificial islands exactly like those the country has made in the contested South China Sea. The ship was launched on Friday in Eastern Jiangsu province at a port according to the reports of China Daily (a state-owned newspaper).

As per the details shared by the newspaper the ship is capable to dig six thousand cubic meters in an hour which is equal to three standard size swimming pools.

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The boat is the much larger version of the ship China used to clean sweep the islets and reefs in the South China sea from corals, mud and dredged sand for transforming them into artificial islands which could be used for setting up military installations.

Once the testing is finished which would be by next June, the ship would then be the most powerful of its sort in the entire Asian region according to the newspaper.
The ship is named as Tiankun. As per the ship’s designer, this boat can be used to do coastal dredging and land reclamation procedures no matter how bad the weather at the sea is.

Beijing’s campaign of archipelago construction in the South China Sea had been a part of a debate with the neighboring nations who claim to have a part in this water.

China claims the entire sea via which its five trillion dollars annual shipping trade happens. Its far-reaching claim intersects with that of Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan and the Philippines.

China earlier reported that it had finished all its retrieval projects in an area of the sea called Spratlys.
But a United States think tank, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, reported back in August that Beijing has continued the work in the northern parts of the water around the Paracel islands.

China has been investing into the dredging industry since many years, approximately two hundred vessels have been made since 2006. This figure makes China one of the world’s biggest makers of the dredgers as per the media reports.

Fei Long—Deputy Chief Designer at the Marine Design and Research Institute said that the making of Tiankun shows that China has become one of the leaders of the marine engineering industry.

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