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China to Sell Aircraft Carrier ‘Liaoning’ to Pakistan

China is planning to sell its first aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, to Pakistan. The aim is to allow it to compete with India. It will boost the Pakistan Navy’s strength and help in matching the Indian counterpart. Furthermore, it will enhance the military relations of Pakistan with China.

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The media reports have revealed that China is planning to carry out a “large-scale upgrade” of the first aircraft carrier of China the Liaoning, and “sell it to Pakistan to compete with India.”

Pakistan will be able to purchase the carrier by 2020. It was further stated in the report that the best destination for it will be Pakistan. Also, by then, Liaoning would have served the Chinese Navy for around 8 years.

Already Gwadar and Karachi are known as the “logistics base” and “PLA Navy (PLAN) base”, as described by the Chinese Navy.

Also, this is not the only military vehicle that China is willing to sell to Pakistan. In the last few months, a lot of vehicles and armaments have been sold to the armed forces of Pakistan that includes nuclear weapons, missiles, aircraft etc.

Furthermore, the military cooperation between Pakistan and China is increasing with time.