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China to Import 10000 tons of Pakistani Mangoes in 2018

Mango Pakistan

There is a high demand of Pakistani mangoes all over the world, especially in Chinese, Turkish markets.

Mr Lijian Zhao Deputy Chief of Mission(DCM) Chinese Embassy in Pakistan tweeted, “Pakistan mangoes have arrived at dining table of Chinese. 10000 tons mangoes are expected to be in China this year. They are warmly welcomed by Chinese. Mangoes were also gifted by Pakistani delegations to Chinese hosts during their visits in history.”

In Pakistan Mangoes are called the ‘king of fruits’. They are grown in abundance in Punjab and Sindh. Mango is summer’s fruit, eaten mostly in between May to September period in Pakistan. Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of mangos, out of over 100 countries, with a production of 1.8 million tons per year.

Furthermore it is used as an ingredient in different food products like jams, squash, juices, milkshakes, pickles and ice creams. Mangoes are dried, canned, and preserved for usage in the off seasons. The most loved Mango variety is Chaunsa and Sindhri.

Back in 2017 a mango festival was organized in collaboration with Embassy of Pakistan and Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company, Ministry of Commerce in China. The aim of the event was to introduce famous Pakistani mangoes in the Chinese community. It seems that the popularity has grown so much now, that it is expected that 10000 tons of Pakistani Mangoes are imported to China in 2018.

Then just recently the caretaker Punjab Minister for Agriculture Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan inaugurated the three-day mango festival at the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. 

So all in all Mangoes are loved, cherished, enjoyed by not just Pakistanis but by people all over the globe.

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