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China to develop Bangladesh Industrial zone

China’s investment in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not the only part where China is interested, its interest is growing even further in the whole region. China is now developing Bangladesh Industrial Zone (BD Zone) in Dhaka. The Chinese are developing 750-acres industrial park which will largely be used by the Chinese manufacturing firms, a Chinese official said on Wednesday.

The new industrial zone is the part of the Chinese strategy to push its industrial links with Southeast Asia and even beyond. Chinese state-owned company China Harbour Engineering will hold the 70% of stakes in a joint venture with Bangladesh Special Economic Zone Authority (BSEZA), said Li Guangjun, the economic and commercial counselor at Chinese Embassy at Dhaka.

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Li told Reuters that this is the first time in the history that Bangladesh government has accommodated China in such a way that it can set up industries in Bangladesh mainly in the manufacturing category.

China is quite vigilant economically and politically, the country is expanding its influence around the developing countries and making a strong base for its expansion. The Chinese government and corporate sectors are working together to expand beyond the limits. China’s commitment to global growth is not the likes of the US and Europe, the US has already started so-called “Trade War” with China in order to contain it within the region. But China is becoming more and more powerful politically, economically and socially by expanding its relations with other countries.