China to build its Second Foreign Naval Base in Gwadar, Pakistan – Research Snipers

China to build its Second Foreign Naval Base in Gwadar, Pakistan

China will build its second foreign naval base and as per rumors and reports, it will be constructed in Pakistan. The first foreign naval base of China was established in Djibouti, last year in July.

As per the sources from People’s Liberation Army, China is looking to build a naval port in Pakistan’s southern coast.

A Chinese military analyst Zhou Chenming said, “China needs to set up another base in Gwadar for its warships because Gwadar is now a civilian port. Gwadar port can’t provide specific services for warships, hence the need for a new base.”

Gwadar lies in Balochistan province, 50 miles east of the Pakistan-Iran border. Zhou said, “Public order there is a mess.”

Pakistani analyst Sheikh Fahad said, “China and Pakistan have found common ground in terms of maritime interest in the region. Gwadar port can be used for joint naval patrols in the Indian Ocean, further increasing the naval outreach of China and Pakistan in the region. Gwadar port will increase the countries’ naval movements and further expand defense cooperation, especially in the naval field.”

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A Pakistani diplomat said that China’s aid was required as an “equalizer”. The diplomat said, “Previously it was the US and Saudi Arabia… Now it’s China.” A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman called this report just speculation and guesswork, but now it seems that the naval base will be built.

Rajeev Ranan Chaturvedy, a researcher at the National University of Singapore said, “Experts have noted that India is keeping a close eye on the development of China-Pakistan relations. China finds it very useful to use Pakistan against India and ignore India’s concerns, particularly on terrorism issues. That has created a lot of stress in the relationship between Beijing and Delhi.” ANKOV

Chaturvedy added, “Indian naval capabilities and experience in the Indian Ocean region are fairly good — much better than Pakistan and China.”