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China to Build First Under-Water Bullet Train Route

China is ready to build the first underwater bullet train. The Chinese government approved the construction of the first under-water bullet train route. The route will basically connect the port city south of Shanghai, Ningbo with the archipelago off the east coast Zhthoushan.

This underwater route will be part of the Yong-Zhou Railway plan. The aim of the project is to promote tourism and to develop a commute area within Zhejiang Province of two hours.

The Yong-Zhou Railway plan was first discussed in China’s transportation plan back in 2005. Now in November, the feasibility study has been approved. In the 47.8 miles, railway route around 70.92 km of tracks will be constructed from scratch and it will include the under-water 16.2 km section.

Once this project is completed the Ningbo East Station and Zhoushan (Baiquan) Station will be connected through high-speed trains. These trains can hit a maximum speed of 250km per hour.

Just in 80 minutes, the travelers from Hangzhou will be transported to Zhoushan. Presently by bus, it takes 4.5 hours or 2.5-hour by a personal drive to reach the above-mentioned destination.

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For the new route, a total of seven stations are being planned. Four new stations will be developed while three of the stations will be redeveloped. Furthermore, along with the undersea tunnel, a road-rail bridge will be constructed.

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