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China takes notice on the Remarks US made on Pak-China friendship

On Thursday, the Chinese embassy in Pakistan took notice of the remarks made by Alice Wells US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, regarding Pakistan and China’s relationship and the ongoing CPEC project.

The Chinese Embassy posted a message on the micro-blogging website in which it termed those remarks as totally baseless.

 According to the embassy, this is another way to defame Pak-China relations and the CPEC, but both the countries are firm to compete with it.

The message also stated that today is the 69th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China. Both have established and consolidated an all-season friendship for the past 69 years.

The two countries have support and respect for each other. They cooperate for common prosperity and work together to promote stability and regional peace.

In the current phase of the world where all are fighting against coronavirus, Pakistan, and China stand together to get rid of the situation. China also supplied medical equipment to Pakistan worth more than $55 million.

As per the Chinese embassy, Pakistan is an equal partner to china.

It says that they support Pakistan’s model of development and will never interfere in its domestic affairs. They highlight Pakistan’s role in regional affairs and never pressurize it.

On the other hand, the CPEC project has brought $25 billion in direct investment and established more than 75,000 jobs for Pakistan.

The Embassy stated that since the outbreak of the virus, no infection has been detected on the CPEC projects as both the side are taking strict measures. The construction has not been suspended and not a single local staff has been laid-off.

Moreover, Pakistan’s debt from multilateral institutions is in total about 47% of its total external debt and the loans taken from the CPEC are only $5.8 billion, 5.22% off the country’s total debt. But Pakistan is not being pressured for the debts.

China is also cooperating with Pakistan at the G-20 forum, Locusts issue, and FATF (Financial Action Task Force).

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