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China started transferring technology to Pakistan

In relation to mega and multi-billion dollars project CPEC, China has started transferring its high-tech industrial technology to Pakistan. The latest development in this regard is the coal power plant in Port Qasim. The power plant uses the advanced supercritical thermal technology said Yan Zhiyong chairman of power China; the company is in charge of building a coal-fired power plant in Port Qasim.

The first unit of the project is under construction which is expected to generate roughly 4.5 billion units of electricity annually. The power plant is highly efficient and environment-friendly which reduces the emission of sulphide with the help of limestone-gypsum wet desulphurization technology. It also consumes less coal as compared to other coal-powered plants.

The HSE department in Port Qasim claimed that people can clearly see the difference with bare eyes between the modern coal-fired plant and the thermal plants with outdated technology.

According to Yan Zhiyong, the Port Qasim power plant is a “Zero emission” project which outperforms all the previous coal-fired technologies. He said, “You can see the white smoke from both chimney and cooling tower which is actually water vapor”. During the 168-hour test period emission was monitored and recorded according to the World Bank standards and the indicators were even better than the World Bank indicators.

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This is because we are using the world’s most advance coal-fire technologies and equipment with world’s top design and construction in this project, he added.

Yan also said that his teams including constructing, designing, planning and operating are sharing their advanced technologies, experiences, and capacities to Pakistan in order to help the country develop its own modern power sector with low costs and high efficiency. “This is the idea of Power China to involve Pakistani market,” he told reporters in Port Qasim.

“It is important for us to integrate a team of Pakistani professionals in the power plant, we pledged the first team who will be operating and managing the power plant must have Pakistani professionals, and now we have a Pakistani team that can run and maintains such power plant”, he added.

The second unit is expected to be launched in February next year. This unit would be able to produce 9 billion units of clean and cheapest electricity to around 4 million Pakistani families said the Pakistan’s prime minister.

Gong Xiaobin, Executive director of China First Metallurgical Group Co. Ltd. (CFMCC) Pakistan Branch told Xinhua in Karachi that various technologies that were used to build solar plants in China are now being transferred to Pakistan in order to build advanced projects here. We are following the spirit of craftsman in this project, he said.

We are paving the way to achieve the country’s vision 2025 by helping the country in building a strong infrastructure and industrial technology. This will be beneficial for all the citizens of Pakistan and help the country to achieve international development standards.