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China Shows Support to Pakistan after Trump’s Tweet

In response to the tweet posted by the United States President—Donald Trump relating cutting aid to Pakistan after blaming the nation of providing nothing in return to the US aids except for “lies and deceit”, China has defended Pakistan on Tuesday.

Geng Shuang—Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that Pakistan has made huge sacrifices and efforts for fighting against terrorism and has contributed well to the global cause of counter-terrorism as per the PTI.

He added that China is very pleased to see Pakistan involved in the foreign cooperation, counter-terrorism included, based on mutual respect for contributing to the regional stability and peace.

He also said that China and Pakistan are brotherly nations and all-weather partners. Also, he said that China is all willing to encourage and deepen the all-round cooperation to bring benefits to both the sides.

Geng when questioned relating Trump’s tweet and that how would that would affect China’s struggles for bringing peace to Pakistan, he remarked that they believe China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are neighbours and hence they are not only related geographically but also have common interests. It is normal and natural for China to boost exchanges and communication.

On Monday, that is the very first day of the new year Donald Trump—the US President threatened to cut all aids to Pakistan after blaming it to not have given anything in return except for “lies and deceit”.

In the tweet, the US President mentioned that the United States have foolishly aided Pakistan with above an amount of $33 billion in the name of aid over the period of last fifteen years.

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