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China Ships 500 tonnes of Hybrid Rice Seeds to Pakistan


500 tonnes of hybrid rice seeds have been shipped by China to Pakistan from a seed company in east China’s Jiangsu province.

It is estimated that around 33,333 hectares of land will be planted with those seeds, as per the details. It will help Pakistan to ensure grain yield this year.

Earlier in 2020 a company engaged in wholesale and retail of crop seeds in China Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Industry Co Ltd had an agreement with Pakistani customers to ship hybrid rice seeds after the spring festival.

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But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the seeds could not be processed and packaged as was planned. The seeds were finally loaded and shipped to Pakistan with the help of the customs of Taizhou city in China’s Jiangsu province.

Zha Lianqun, general manager of the company said, “If these seeds weren’t delivered to our customers on time, our business and reputation could have been damaged, while the local grain yield in Pakistan could also be affected.”

Pakistan has been fighting locust plagues since the end of 2019, that has destroyed crops and affected the livelihood of farmers.

Zha said, “This batch of seeds aims to help ensure the grain yield of Pakistan this year.”

Since the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a flagship project under the Belt and Road Initiative in 2015, China and Pakistan have worked closely in agriculture. Chinese seed products are quite popular amongst Pakistani buyers as they are highly resistant to temperature and diseases.

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