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China Sends Medical Equipment to Pakistan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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China has sent medical equipment to Pakistan amid coronavirus outbreak. The coronavirus that originated in the Central China city of Wuhan towards the end of December 2019 has now spread to all the continents of the globe. The respiratory illness caused by COVID-19 has so far taken the lives of thousands of people and has infected tens of thousands of others throughout the world.

The deadly infestation has been curbed by the government of China in Wuhan, the virus has now spread to the other regions, especially in the United States and in Europe, with the WHO declaring Europe as the new epicentre of the viral disease.

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Pakistan although enjoys greater ties and closeness with China, remained unaffected until the 26th of February when a young man from Karachi tested positive for the novel coronavirus. He had come back from Iran, which is one of the worst-hit nations.

After a brief pause after the first case, the coronavirus cases witnessed a sharp increase as more pilgrims coming back from Iran tested positive.

The countrywide count of the COVID-19 patients has increased to more than 1,000 with the highest number of cases in Sindh with a count of 410.

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