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China says no to backdoor deals in new Silk Route

Foreign Minister said that the mega Belt and Road project of China to develop Silk Road will have no backdoor deals and will follow all the global rules.

The aim of the Belt and Road initiative is to connect China with Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa through land and sea.

Xi vowed $124 billion for the project but in the Western circles, there is suspicion related to this project that will merely benefit Chinese firms.

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French President Emmanuel Macron visited China in January and said that the initiative cannot be  “one-way”.

As per Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Belt and Road project is a “sunshine initiative” which can benefit all.

Wang said, “Everything will operate in the sunshine. There
is no domination by one party; everyone participates equally. There are no backroom deals; there is openness and transparency. There is no winner-takes-all; only seeking win-win mutual benefit.”

Wang indicated the successful projects that have been done under Belt and Road project including developing power plants in Pakistan and China building largest port in Piraeus, Greece.

Talking about  Hinkley Point scheme he said,  “China and France have joined hands to build a nuclear power
station in Britain, becoming a model for cooperation in new
high-tech projects for the Belt and Road.”

Furthermore, Wang said, “Belt and Road is a global public good, and of course
respects international rules. It is a global platform for
cooperation, and naturally will run according to market rules,”
he added. “It won’t only benefit China. Even more, it will bring
benefit to the world.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the aim of this project is to create a road not just for free trade but also for encouraging harmony and peace between nations. He wants to get rid of old rivalries and abandon power games.