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China revamps its learning system for Pakistani and regional students

China has upgraded its overall learning system for Pakistani as well as regional students from other countries in order to provide the best learning environment for students.

If we account for Chinese contribution in education then out of 350 Asian universities China attract almost one-fifth of registrations. This is because of the commitment of Chinese government to bring reforms in the education system and meet the international standards of education, said by the Chinese officials in a press release on Wednesday.

Last year, China attracted 20,000 students from Pakistan that are currently studying in China, Pakistan has become the fourth largest country of International students in China previously sitting at ninth position.

Moreover, Chinese ministry of education has released some interesting statistics; China had more than 200,000 students from 64 different countries around the world last year which was up by 13.6 percent as compared to 2015. This was ever increasing figures for China and expected to grow further as it becomes the world’s largest economy in the future.

China relaxed visa policies to attract foreign workers

The Tsinghua University China is the top-ranked university in China is revolutionizing the research, teaching, citation and knowledge transfer systems; the University comes at second place among the Asian universities behind the National University of Singapore. Chinese University replaced the second position of Peking University pushing it to the third position.

Chinese officials said the number of students studying in China from the countries along with the Silk Road, and 21st century Maritime Silk Road has increased phenomenally under the series of preferential policies. According to Xu Tao, Director of the Ministry Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, more than 440,000 students from 205 countries were studying in China last year which was up by 11.4 percent.

Editorial Director of Global Rankings at Times Higher Education, Phil Baty said: “China’s performance in Times Higher Education Rankings is consistently improving, the outcomes of more than a two decades of focused investment in excellence.”

There are five top universities from China in the top 10 list of Asian universities, 3 universities are from Hong Kong. According to the report, universities from mainland China have received a boost in their citation impact score, However, Asian nations are feeling the intense competition, several universities from Turkey, Pakistan and India have seen a drop in their rankings.