China Release 5G+ Industrial Internet Development Report Claiming 700,000 5G Base Stations Nationwide

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Recently, at the 2020 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, the Press and Publicity Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology jointly released the “China 5G+ Industrial Internet Development Report (2020)”. Based on the research results of the “5G+Industrial Internet” development index model of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the report comprehensively summarizes the development of my country’s 5G+Industrial Internet industry from the four dimensions of the development environment, infrastructure, industrial ecology, and innovative development. 

Industry and the letter Minister of the Ministry of information Xiao Yaqing said at the meeting that China 5G business more than a year, has built nearly 700,000 5G base stations, base station used in industrial Internet 5G a total of 32,000, the number of terminals connected to a breakthrough is 180 million, covering the whole country In all cities above the prefecture level, high-quality 5G networks with advanced technology, efficient operation, and resource intensive are being built at an accelerated pace. The network construction model based on the sinking of users is the first choice for large industrial enterprises. 

In addition, 5G TSN technology has become the focus of industry attention. In the R16 stage of 3GPP, all sectors of the industry are carrying out research and standardization of 5G supporting TSN, 5G LAN, and 5G NPN related technologies for the industrial Internet scene. At the same time, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung took the lead in researching TSN over 5G technical solutions, and domestic companies such as Huawei, ZTE, New H3C, OPPO, and Vivo have also increased their R&D investment in this field.

The conference also released a number of important 5G+ industrial Internet results, including the “2018-2019 Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Outstanding Case Collection”, “2020 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Development Report”, “Industrial Internet Development Achievement Evaluation Report”, “Industrial Internet Industry Development and “Investment Opportunity Research Report”, “Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing Integration Development White Paper 2020”, “5G+ Industrial Internet Standardization Research White Paper for the Coal Industry”, “China 5G+ Industrial Internet Typical Applications in 2020”, providing technical research and development, industrial development, industrial applications, etc. Refer to and learn from, analyze current trends, and point out the direction of development.