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China Relaxed Visa Policies to Attract Skilled Foreign Workers

According to the reports of Xinhua on Thursday, China has altered its visa policies for making it more convenient for the international professionals and highly-skilled workers to get visa permits as it is trying to get over the talent gap.

As per the newly revealed rules by the Foreign Experts Affairs of the State Administration of China the expiry dates for the visas have been prolonged to five or ten years after the visa issuance.

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The applicants would also be permitted multiple entries and one-hundred and eight days stay upon a single entry as per the administration.

Under the revised rules applicants would be including the ones who meet the “high-end talents” in the divisions of Foreigners Working in China—which includes entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders in the technology industries as per the reports. The report further added that these categories could be adjusted as per China’s growing talent need.

International applicants who are willing to work in China are most expected to get the confirmation of their acceptance within five working days, where the spouses and the dependent children would also be provided with the visa as soon as they would be applying for it.

Also, applicants would be given a visa fee abdication, even for the visa applications filed on urgent basis.

The new Chinese policy depicts the binding Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s statement of September 2017 that Beijing could look further, beyond the domestic talent for assisting its expanding economy.

As per the reports of Xinhua—Keqiang mentioned that not only the use of Chinese talent and resources be incorporated but also a more welcoming policy should be adopted for inviting international professionals and experts.

A report published last year revealed that China has made its visa rules and policies strict for Pakistani businessmen, with the ever-rise in the business community people, started to complain that it is becoming difficult to obtain a Chinese visa.

But, as per the recent reports, it is apparent that the China’s regional power is more open for inviting the new talent that fulfils the requirements of the bill.

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