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China Is Preparing For Cultural And Educational Activities In Pakistan

China has planned several cultural and educational programs in Pakistan under the grand CPEC project.


Managing director of Cultural Communication Center (CCC) of CPEC Echo Lee, told the reporters in Peshawar on Tuesday, that they were trying to identify similarities compatibilities in the cultures of Pakistan and China.

She further explained about the programs that will be started included cultural, educational, and media exchange activities.

These types of programs will bring the two nations closer and would help them better understand each other for future developments. CPEC is the major project in the region which needs cooperation from all sectors of both countries.

Echo said, “China and Pakistan are neighbors and they need to understand each other, In cultural activities we will arrange several exhibitions in Pakistan”.

She also assured the educational cooperation under CCC, 100 Pakistani students will be selected and given scholarship programs in China for vocational studies.

China has already announced this on May 10, Where Chinese Cultural Counselor You Yi said that, “Chinese government has given a formal endorsement of giving grants to Pakistani understudies and it will bear all their instructive costs”.

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Chinese authorities would also work on media exchange and improvise journalists from both sides to report cultural activities and better understand each other and spread awareness among masses, said Echo.

Chief Public Officer of the CCC Scarlet Xiang, said “CCC has been set up by St Xianglin Management and Consulting Company Limited and Sozhou Vocational University. She added that CCC is committed to becoming the first platform between China and Pakistan in the field of culture and education.

The Chinese government would bear all expenses of the 100 brilliant Pakistani students selected for further education in China. These students would be able to gain enough knowledge about both countries and by completing their education in China they can become the ambassadors of education and culture understanding of both countries. They would also be able to serve both nations in a better way.