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China, Pakistan explore Cold Chain Technology

The cold chain technology of China can help Pakistan in reducing the loss of agricultural products and enhance the added value. This was revealed by Hefei Lianhui Refrigeration Equipment Co-Vice President Chen Lin.

According to the report, Chinese and Pakistani rice seed companies cooperate closely. Chen started to construct an 800-square-metre seed cold storage warehouse with a rice company in Karachi in 2017 in order to meet the need of seed storage in Pakistan,.

He stated, “Seed cold storage warehouse is widely used in Southeast Asia because seeds need to achieve a certain germination rate, which is mainly related to temperature and humidity indicators. If humidity exceeds 65%, the germination will be affected.”

Chen stated to the China Economic Net that they provide the equipment and cold storage plates to Pakistan and send technical personnel for equipment installation and training of Pakistani personnel.

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He said, “Customers may encounter problems in production and processing, we need to give an overall solution. The cold storage warehouse will be monitored remotely and the company will provide customer service. Although the cost of cold storage warehouse is not that high, the products stored in it are very expensive.”

Adding, “In case of power failure in the cold storage warehouse, yet without being realized by the company, the loss could be huge. Therefore, remote monitoring is something like an insurance policy. Even if the warehouse staff doesn’t feel the power failure, the other 3-5 monitoring staff will receive text messages, ringtones, and other prompts, which can remind customers by phone to minimize the storage risk.”

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