China Is Not Blocking All The VPN’s Only Unauthorized VPN’s—Updated

Earlier this week, it was reported by various media cells including Bloomberg that, the Chinese government has ordered Ministry of Industry and Information technology to start blocking VPN’s from the next year, Bloomberg also quoted Kaiser Kuo former Baidu head, who opposed the news in a Facebook post.

This means that the News was correct but it was either misunderstood or now the Chinese government narrative has changed after so much criticism, whatever the case is; Chinese government has denied the original story, and published a new story in a state-owned news site The paper, which out rightly rejects the previous news and said it as “foreign media news are not true.”

Further, in the report, a statement from China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was recorded which says, “Authorized VPN’s will be allowed to conduct the business, as usual, the new restrictions will only affect companies using unauthorized VPN’s.

The policy is already in place since January according to Verge, the statement from the ministry of Industry and Information technology creates more doubts, it is still unclear who is authorized VPN service provider and who is unauthorized. The Chinese government still has to decide who it will provide access to VPN’s.

It seems from the statement that government ban is going to affect all individual VPN usage and open VPN services leaving only the companies behind who use VPNs for solely business purposes.

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