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China Names Nong Rong As New Ambassador to Pakistan

New Ambassador

China has designated Nong Rong as the new Ambassador to Pakistan. Nong Rong is at the moment serving as a minister in a provincial government, as per the reports of local media on Thursday.

Yao Jing, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan has been transferred back to Beijing for the next posting.

Yao Jing was transferred 2 months back even before the completion of his 3-year tenure.

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Nong Rong, the newly designated ambassador is a political appointee who is in expert in trade and commerce.

The newly appointed Chinese ambassador has not served Pakistan before his appointment, unlike Yao Jing.

Ambassador Jing has served Pakistan three times in different capacities and in total stayed in the federal capital for 11 years.

On the other hand, PM Khan would be launching the Roshan Digital Account project for the facilitation of the overseas Pakistanis. The project is envisioned to offer digital banking facilities to the Pakistanis living abroad.

Under the Roshan Digital project, the overseas Pakistanis would be able to manage their bank accounts without visiting Pakistan and they could also make use of the facilities including bill payment, direct banking, and e-commerce facilities.

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