China Is Leading In Artificial Intelligence Technology While US Is Lagging Behind

Artificial Intelligence is the present and future of technology. AI would create smarter cities, bring ease in driving through self-driving cars and just bring innovation in each and every sector.

In the competition of which country is leading in AI, China seems to be the best while the US appears to be lagging behind.

Since 2013 China has invested its resources in AI, the efforts made by China’s AI pioneers have been fruitful for the Chinese AI industry.

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China tech giants:

Baidu, Didi, and Tencent are three leading tech companies of China. They have set AI research labs of their own.

In Silicon Valley, Baidu’s AI lab is set up, where researchers and innovators are working effortlessly for the development of driverless car technology, visual dictionaries, and facial- and speech-recognition software, in competition with American innovators.

China’s government is fully supporting the AI developers in China. The minister of science and technology of China Wan Gang said that China would soon release a plan with its main focus on AI developments, applications and policies of AI technology and global collaboration for ultimate achievements.

China’s progress in AI research has been noticed by the US as well. In the final days of Obama’s government, two reports were published by US government highlighting that US is no longer the only global leader in AI innovation.

The battle between East and West in the field of AI is really the battle between China and US. China’s influence in AI industry is growing and the US needs to be cautious about it if it wants to remain dominant in the sector.

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1 thought on “China Is Leading In Artificial Intelligence Technology While US Is Lagging Behind

  1. Pathetic attempt. China leads in specific sectors of AI like face recognition, but the US is presently in the dominant position. Now that may chg in the future, but I wouldn’t bet against Google.

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