China is issuing long-term visas to over 50,000 foreigners

China is issuing a long-term visa for five to ten years to highly talented foreign people. These highly skilled workers from abroad will be asked to enter and work in China in exchange for acquiring multi-entry visas. More than 50,000 foreigners will be allowed to enter in China for more than five years.

China’s first Certificate for Foreign High-end Talent is issued by Beijing bureau of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. In order to apply for five or ten-year multiple entry visas, this certificate is essential. In China, there is quite strict immigration policy and work visas are not issued so easily. Most of the foreigners who work in China, they continuously renew their visa after a couple of years. So now this new policy will increase foreign experts in China especially in areas of science and technology.

It seems that China is clear about its future. The long-term planning has been done and the economic and social goals have been set. Now the country wants to recruit absolutely the best people and experts from abroad to achieve its set targets.

With Pakistan, China is working on the mega-project, CPEC which has opened doors for many people and given them employment. It is anticipated that CPEC will further strengthen Pakistan China relationship and bring prosperity and stability to the region. Jobs, development, growth, projects and economic stability can be seen in Pakistan because of CPEC but at what cost, remains the question.

While talking about China’s long-term policies, it is important that we talk about the recent ban by China on 553 car models as they were causing pollution in the area. Here too, the country has carefully planned its future and eliminated issues that will come in way of its development and progress.

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