China has 87000 dams producing 0.2 million MW of electricity

China had 22104 dams in 2000, over the next 5 years in 2005 China built 58000 more dams in the country reaching 80,000 dams.

Dams and water reservoirs in China are numerous, these dams and water reservoirs have had an extreme effect on the country’s development as well as its people.

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According to the World Commission on Dams report, China had 22,104 dams over the height of 15m (49ft) operating in the country in 2000. But, right after five years, in 2005, the number of operational dams in China reached at 80,000 and 4,800 dams completed or under construction that stands at or over than 30m (98ft) in height.

According to the report, China had become the world’s leader in the construction of large dams in 2007; followed by Turkey at second and Japan at third. The largest dam in China as well as in the world is the Jinping-I Dam at 305 m (1,001 ft).

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China constructed the dams and their associated reservoirs for several reasons including hydroelectric power generation, irrigation, navigation, flood control, drought mitigation and tourism. China is at number one in the world for hydropower generation and currently generating 200,000 MW online.

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