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China Confirms The Outbreak Of New Coronavirus To Hundreds

Coronavirus China

Chinese media has reported that a new kind of virus has been spreading to more cities in China, Chinese authorities confirmed on Monday. The death toll reaches 3 after the spread of a deadly virus and the number of patients affected by the virus has tripled.

According to Daxing Health Commission in Beijing, the two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed while Southern Province Health Commission Guangdong has confirmed one case in Shenzhen. However, the virus first emerged in the central city of Wuhan and further cases have been reported beyond this city.

According to the details gathered from Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, around 136 new cases of Pneumonia were caused by the coronavirus strain over the weekend, and 62 cases were known before that. The third death happened on Saturday, the authority said.

The total number of known cases affected by coronavirus has been reached 200 worldwide, this becomes the challenge for health authorities to contain the virus outbreak. South Korea has also reported its first confirmed case of Coronavirus on Monday, the affected was 35-year-old female Chinese national who traveled from Wuhan, making her the fourth patient-reported outside China.

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