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China bans 553 car models

China has always tried to fight pollution by introducing strict policies and rules. From implementing restrictions to steel production market, obligating a tight coal usage quota to discourage the vehicles run on fossil fuels, China has been clear on its stance against pollution.

Now due to severe smog in Beijing and other Chinese cities, China has banned the sale of almost 553 car models. This is implemented from January 1st, 2018. The cars that are banned are those that cause pollution to the environment and are inefficient fuel-consumers.

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As per a news report, China Vehicle Technology Service Center has announced the list of those car models whose sales are banned in the country.

Now it is true that China has always fought against pollution but it is the first time that such s strict action has been taken. The government has released names of specific car models that will no longer be allowed to operate in China.

An analyst Wang Liusheng from China Merchants Securities has confirmed that this is just a start. China will continue to circulate documents that will ban vehicles or any form of product that is increasing pollution. China believes that such measures have to be taken to make sure that China as a country survives in a healthy manner for long-term industrial growth.

Furthermore, these measures are displaying positive outcomes. In last 10 years, Beijing recorded the highest improvement in air content quality. The predictions are that there will be 20% positive change in Beijing air, this year. Average concentration levels of PM2.5 is used to measure the air quality. PM2.5 is a dangerous breathable particle.

The improvement in air quality in China is seen all over Northern China and the only reason for this change is the strict yet much-needed policies made by the Chinese government and good weather conditions in last few months.