China And Pakistan To Jointly Build Cancer Lab

Chinese government

Pakistan and China have signed an agreement that will enable both nations to jointly build a cancer medical lab via a cooperative partnership. In this regard, an agreement signing ceremony of Pakistan-China biotechnology strategic cooperation was held at, Gwadar on Tuesday. Under this flagship project of cooperation, both Chinese and Pakistani companies will jointly build a cancer medical laboratory. The agreement was jointly initiated and signed by Life Rehealth Technology Pakistan and Beijing Anlong Gene Medicine Technology.

The Pakistani and Chinese companies will cooperate in carrying out exploration and research on cancer treatment, and Chinese companies will also share their existing medical technologies with Pakistan and vice versa.

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Dr. Ahmed Waqas, the CEO of Life Rehealth, has been active in CPEC medical cooperation for the long-term. He said in an exclusive interview that, the occurrence of cancer in Pakistan is quite high, especially, liver cancer, lung cancer, and so on. However, due to the current medical level and sanitary conditions, patients cannot receive world-class treatments for curing cancer.

Hence, the cooperation between Pakistan and China in this sector is of great importance and will bring exclusive benefits to Pakistan. While explaining the reasons why Pakistan chose the Chinese company as a cooperative partner, Waqas said, the cooperation in the medical field is quite necessary and important that requires profound relationship and trust between the two sides.

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