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China and Pakistan in Talks to Build Overseas Military Base

It seems that ever since the tweet of the United States President Donald Trump against Pakistan, the economic and defence ties between the Beijing and Islamabad have further received a boost, as China is in discussion with Pakistan to establish its second overseas military base closer to Iran’s Chabahar port, as per the reports of a Chinese govt-run daily.

The report says that the Trump’s tweet on the January 1st against Pakistan blaming it for providing safe havens to the terrorists seems to be helping in promoting the already close ties between Pakistan and China.

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It credited Islamabad’s verdict to permit Chinese currency-Yuan in bilateral trade and financial exchanges as China has put up its investments in the $50 billion CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

The report quoted a “Washington Times” report that China is in talks with Pakistan for establishing its second overseas military base as an initiative for a push for much larger maritime competencies along the planned sea routes.

Last year China opened its first military base in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa, under the country’s fast adopting modern military extends. China has officially stated that the military base is only a logistics base to provide services to the naval professionals positioned for anti-piracy operations.

China started building the logistics base in Djibouti back in 2015. The base would be used for resupplying the naval ships that are actively taking part in bringing peace and working on humanity missions off the coast of Yemen and particularly in Somalia.

China describes it as a logistics facility, however, it would be China’s first overseas naval base.

The facility would be made at Jiwani a port near Iran’s Chabahar closer to the border in Oman and is situated a short distance from Gwadar Baluchistan which is currently being developed.

A Professor of the Fudan University’s Centre for South Asian Studies told the Global Times relating the establishment at Jiwani that both Beijing and Islamabad have the capability for establishing a combined naval and air facility in Pakistan, but that is unrequired at this time.

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