Chinese billionaire

China is about to take the lead by creating 448 billionaires over the next ten years.

The United States is going to top the list by 884 billionaires in 2027, However, China would be the runner-up and India will be holding the third place, India will be recording the fastest growth of 200% over the next ten years, the country will become the fourth wealthiest country in the world with a private wealth of $24.69 trillion, India is expected to beat UK and Germany, a report by AfrAsia Bank revealed.

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The report has further made a list of current billionaires, projected number of billionaires in 2027 and the growth of billionaires over the next 10 years.

If we look at the list by the number of billionaires created over the next ten years, China and India top the list followed by USA, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, North Korea, Switzerland and Japan being the top 10 in the list.

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Source: AfrAsia Bank Global Wealth Migration Review