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Child Bride Sold in Sudan Through Facebook Auction


An auction was conducted on Facebook for a sixteen-year-old girl in the region of South Sudan. Payment was hunted by the father for accepting any marriage proposal for his daughter in exchange for the amount.

Facebook has gone through a lot this year. It has gone under so many troubles that questions have been raised relating to its reliability and integrity as a social networking platform. in fact, there are even reports claiming that the investors want the removal of Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of the firm.

In mid of all the chaos, Facebook is experiencing another issue, a news has surfaced and is making rounds on the social media. The news is about a girl who has been sold on Facebook in a cruel use of technology which has brought the platform under much more fire.

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As per Facebook, the post was immediately removed the moment the company learnt about it, however, the sad part is that until that time the marriage of the girl had already occurred.

The Children’s Rights Organization Plan International claims that the father received five hundred cows, three cars and ten thousand dollars in exchange for his daughter. They also said that such cruel use of technology could further inspire other families to make use of social media for such terrible acts.

Another shocking side of the story is that some officials were also involved in this bidding activity.

The country director of Plan International in South Sudan—George Otim advised the government to suspend all the involved officials, he also said that the use of the biggest social networking platform in the world for such acts is redolent of the slave markets.

The bidding began on the 25th of October, while the post was removed by Facebook on the 9th of November—exactly after fifteen days.

Another interesting aspect of the matter is that a report mentioning the use of Facebook for child bidding was published by the Voice of America (VOA) three days before it was deleted. This could be a proof to the fact that there must be many more unlawful activities that might be happening on the Facebook’s platform that the company is not aware of.

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