Chief Minister Sindh Approved an Increase in His Salary by 300 Percent

On Saturday, very surprisingly Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister Sindh approved a draft about increasing his personal salary by more than three-hundred percent.

From first of July 2017, the salaries, incentives, allowances, and privileges offered to each official of Sindh Assembly was also hiked up to rupees one lac and forty-five thousand from rupees seventy-two thousand and six hundred per month.

According to official sources, Murad Ali Shah was taking a salary of rupees thirty-five thousand which has now risen up to rupees one lac and fifty thousand.  The cost of house rent and maintenance allowance is now rupees one lac and forty thousand.

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This decision was followed by the bill passed earlier by the provincial assembly about the rise of salaries of the members of the provincial assembly.

The bill was defended by Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, who said that the last time the salaries were raised was in 2013 so this is a justified decision keeping in light the inflating prices.
Khuhro’s words were welcomed and appreciated both by the treasury members and opposition.

As per the official documents the salaries of speaker assembly and deputy speaker have also been raised from rupees eighty thousand to rupees one lac and fifty thousand and from rupees seventy thousand to rupees one lac and forty thousand, respectively.

The ministers and advisers also got a raise from rupees thirty thousand to rupees seventy-five thousand, allowances excluded.

A fifty percent increase in the salary of each member provincial assembly (MPA) is also approved by the government.

The total salaries of the MPA’s including allowances would be now one lac and forty-five thousand which was earlier rupees twenty-four thousand basic salary, excluding allowances per month.

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