Chicken Prices Sky rocketed ahead of Ramadan 2018 – Research Snipers

Chicken Prices Sky rocketed ahead of Ramadan 2018

The blessed month of Ramadan is just a week away, however, food prices, as usual, are expected to tough the sky during the month. But currently, only the chicken price as seen a soaring effect one week earlier before the Ramadan actually commences.

According to the sources, the price of poultry has seen an increase of Rs50 to Rs60 per kg within a week in Lahore city of Punjab.

The chicken was being sold for as much as Rs210 to Rs220 per kg which has now soared to Rs277 and even Rs300 in some markets, leaving consumers in trauma.

The consumers have been asking authorities to control the rising prices during the holy month of Ramzan. The consumers are now worried about the actual prices during the month when there is already an increase of Rs50 to Rs60 per kg.

The administration has no priority to control the prices during this month, since this happens every Ramadan, the sudden hike in prices is still overlooked. The retailers argue that they are selling the meat at higher prices because the prices are increased in the wholesale market as well.

The IHC took a notice against TV channels and anchors to comply with ethical boundaries during the month of Ramzan restricting them to air TV programs that host entertainment shows for hours.

The courts should also issue directives to the authorities in order to control the prices during the holy month, bringing ease for the poor to buy food products at reasonable prices.