Chewing Gum Found in McDonald’s Burger

A university student from Canberra, Australia ordered a McMuffin burger at McDonald’s. As she took the first bite of her egg and cheese McMuffin she said that she felt that the taste was not right. She claimed that she noticed a weird color in her meal and looked closer to find a piece of chewing gum.

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The customer said, “It was cooked into the burger, it was in the cheese. I feel sick just thinking about it. You trust these people to make your food. I was disgusted from a health standpoint, who knows where that has been and what it is carrying.”

The customer then complained about the burger to the manager who offered her a free item from the menu and a refund as a compensation.

But she turned the offer down.

She said,  “I’m never going back … if I hadn’t checked it, I would have eaten it.”

As per a McDonald’s spokesperson  “We are aware of this complaint, but having reviewed the CCTV of this product being prepared and served to the customer, we can find no evidence of this contamination having occurred in our restaurant.”

Before this, there have been several other incidents as well relating to McDonald’s burger. Once a customer found three to four bugs in it, another customer reported finding a nail almost half an inch long pierced through his gums. He said, ”It was stuck between my teeth and gums.” Another customer discovered a needle in her burger.

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There have been incidents reported but they are all isolated and very rare. Generally, McDonald’s has a good reputation and it has maintained that. Thus customers visit and revisit the place again and again.

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