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Chemical Manufacturers Worried About Surging Import Bill

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The officials of the Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA) have shown serious concern regarding the increase of import bill of the nation, adding that the imports of chemicals alone were hiking at a rate of six per cent per annum, which needed developing reforms for sustainable growth of the local chemical industry.

Taimur Dawood—PCMA’s newly-hired Chairman, Moazzam Rasheed—Vice Chairman and Faisal Akhtar—Senior Vice Chairman said this in a combined statement while taking over the control of their offices in a ceremony at the association.

The office-bearers of the PCMA gave assurance for starting a movement to form the nation’s first Crude-Naphtha Cracker Petrochem (CNCP) Complex. They further said that the importance of this huge project would be brought into the notice of the government by conducting a meeting with the ministers of planning, commerce and finance.

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They said a written proposal of PCMA would be sent to the related quarters of the government alongside conducting meetings with the officials like Asad Umar and Razaq Dawood, who have been linked directly with the chemical industry.

The officials also gave assurance to the members that they would include stakeholders belonging to the chemical industry throughout the country in order to compete with the issues and problems faced by the chemical manufacturers.

The newly-appointed executive committee members also expressed their mutual support with the PCMA leaders in the steps to be taken for the growth of the chemical sector in Pakistan.

The former, as well as the newly hired PCMA officials, mutually recognized that with the proactive working of the PCMA Secretary-General—Iqbal Kidwai, the union has come forward as an active trade unit in the government circles having solid opinion and representation in all the significant policymaking departments.

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