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Cheapest Countries to Travel from Pakistan


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The cheapest flight to Istanbul, Turkey from Pakistan is of Rs 42,000. The most beautiful and breathtaking places in Istanbul you must visit are Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace etc.

Dubai, UAE:

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The cheapest flight to Dubai from Pakistan is in Rs 41,000. You must visit the biggest malls of Dubai including of course Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall etc.


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The cheapest flight to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Pakistan is of Rs 37,000. The must visit places for any tourist in Kuala Lumpur are Petronas towers, Genting Highlands, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur tower etc.


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Cheapest flight to Egypt from Pakistan is of Rs 45,000. Egypt is a treat for historians with its iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, royal mummies in the Egyptian museum and much more.

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Sri Lanka:

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The cheapest flight to Sri Lanka from Pakistan is of Rs 55000. If you visit Sri Lanka the best places to visit are Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Galle Face Green, National Museum of Colombo etc.


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The cheapest flight to Romania from Pakistan is of Rs 60,000. Sighisoara is the beautifully preserved walled town of Romania, a treat for tourists. Sibiu is another must visit place that is anciently associated with vampires.


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The cheapest flight to Ukraine from Pakistan is of Rs 50,000. Crimean Resorts, Carpathian Mountains, and the poetic city of Ukraine Lviv are the tourist’s best destinations in the country.

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The cheapest flight to Thailand from Pakistan is of Rs 34,000. Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches. Bangkok magnificent palaces, ancient buildings, and glittering nightclubs are what makes the city worth going.


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The cheapest flight to Georgia from Pakistan is of Rs 50,000.  Islands in Georgia like Cumberland Island, Tybee Island are just magnificent. Pakistani planning for a cheap flight to Georgian, should experience the beauty of these places.

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  1. I went to Pakistan, last year summers. And the perception that the country is filled with mullahs sporting long beard and turbans is totally wrong! The country has some of the world’s most beautiful sights. The Attabad Lake and Fairy Meadows for instance are just pure ecstasy to the eyes! Watch some videos here:

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