Cheap Xbox Series S Prices Unveiled By The Insider

Xbox S Series

The rumors surrounding a cheap Xbox Series S are growing. Earlier we had reports about Microsoft launching new Cheap Xbox Series S soon, now an insider is talking about the possible battle price of the console developed under the code name Lockhart, which Microsoft could place on the market parallel to the Xbox Series X this year.

“Eastmen” has already made a name for itself in the Xbox community with its inside information, which means that its current forecasts in the Beyond3D forum also attract a certain amount of attention. If you put this trust, Microsoft could not only unveil the Xbox Series S (Lockhart) in July as an alternative to the Xbox Series X, but also convince with a real battle price. The Redmond company is said to charge just half the price of a Series X for the new entry into the Xbox world of the next generation.

The price of the all-digital edition could be around $ 200

It remains to be seen at what price Microsoft will launch the Xbox Series X in the fourth quarter of 2020. Most recently, the insider heard of a price point of around $400, which, taking into account taxes, corresponds to at least €421 in Europe. However, it is currently assumed that Microsoft will wait for the official details of the PlayStation 5 in order to then call a lower price. The PS5 console was last at Amazon for 499 euros been spotted, where it could only be a placeholder also located here.

Should Microsoft still target a price point of $400 or even calculate it as the lowest pain limit for the Xbox Series X, according to Eastmen, the Xbox Series S could go for a particularly affordable $200 over the counter. He also anticipates that Microsoft will sell the internally referred to as Lockhart console in an “all-digital edition” without an optical Blu-ray drive with a 4-TFLOPS performance and digital game downloads and flat rate content from the Xbox Game Pass and that cloud gaming via xCloud will take center stage.

The Redmond company intends to base its subscription services on Netflix and strongly subsidize the price of console hardware with the resulting income. It is not yet clear whether Microsoft will implement its Lockhart plans this year. Officially, only the famous Xbox Series X has been mentioned so far. A possible event in July could provide information. The expectations of fans and experts – especially with regard to the launch of further next-gen games – are high after Sony’s product fireworks.